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Web Design

The most important identity on the Internet is Web Design.

Social Media Marketing

Be more social!..

Produce Quality Content on all platforms requid for

Social Media & Social Media Planning

and yourself…

Digital Marketing

Be visible on every network, apply the right Marketing Strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you don’t exist in the first place in Search Engines,You don’t Exist!..
If you want your order in the market to be higher, be more visible on Internet Searches.

Google Ads

Address your Target Audience. The biggest key to maximizing
brand position in the Digital Market is
to address your target audience with a

Proper Strategy & Digital Advertising.

Digital Strategy

The most powerful, creative and fast way to reach the target
audience. Who wouldn’t want a better Online Marketing Strategy?

Graphic Design

Design is a photo in your Brand Identity. 

What we do as

Digital Advertising agency

According to the customer analysis of our brand; Creative Content, Interface, Digital Strategy and Creative Solutions are produced. In this case, the visual and content deficiencies of the brand are updated and it is aimed to have a more understandable and attractive corporate and simple interface. In this way, followers can access anything they want more easily and clearly.

Brand & Digital Strategy

In the field of Digital Advertising and Social Media Marketing, the research and market analysis of the company to which it will work should be done first. Regional sales and click data of the company are examined. Based on these data, the right strategy should be followed for the company to reach the target audience.

Social Media Planning

Social Media Networks, which are now one of the indispensable platforms of the era, have grown significantly in terms of Brand Identity when managed properly and regularly. With your Social Media Planning being accurate and creative, you become more visible on every platform.

Web Design

Content and Graphic Designs are your real identity that you can offer to your customers in the first step. Visual and content deficiencies of your brand should be updated. In this way, you can have a more understandable and attractive Corporate Interface. It allows your followers to find everything they want more easily and provide more active traffic.


Graphic Design

Content and Graphic Designs are your real identity that you can offer to your customers in the first step. Visual and content deficiencies of your brand should be updated. In this way, you can have a more understandable and attractive Corporate Interface. Remember, the best way to tag your customers is to prove that you have creative ideas.


In reaching the target audience, the right marketing procedures and moves that need to be done in the name of advertising, it is more practical to reach the desired audience. It is easier to choose the right customer or target audience with online systems and internet investments. Proper SEO planning allows you to get to the top of Web site searches.

Google Ads

The Google Display Network allows us to communicate with Customers in the Digital World through a variety of ad formats. This network covers more than two million websites and reaches 90% of users on the Internet. Our agency recommends that you target All Regions and Languages, regardless of custom area targeting in Remarketing ads.

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  • Web Design - E-Commerce
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Management & Marketing
  • Digital Marketing & Strategy
  • Brand Identity

All of them with Us, Make your Sales better!


Finished New Designs

Digital advertising

generating new creative ideas solving big problems

It will be more practical to reach the desired audience with the right marketing procedures and positive developments and moves to be made on behalf of advertising in reaching the target audience. When the current market channels, especially social media channels, are continuously developing and the global market is continuously developing, MARKCAT’S creates strategies for the brands it serves with systematic and widespread mass projects. In Internet channels and browsing data, many options are used to ensure that client products or client position in the market is at the top of the scans. It is very important to ensure systematic conversions with the development of personal data in the internet language or in the market areas, especially with correctly selected keywords. Here, MARKCAT’S performs all these analyzes on behalf of its clients. In this way, customers can reach the brand more quickly and easily.


Digital Marketing


The biggest key in reaching the target audience of the brand is the accurate analysis of the brand’s market. In this context, we give you brand analysis and supports with all creative solutions. Some of these steps are;

"When the game starts, the first losers are those who do not know the game."

– byHaydn

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Adult Internet users in the UK spend more than 3 hours a day to access the Internet, and more than a third of that time is spent on sites owned by Google or Facebook

One of the greatest developments of the age, the production of content and information has reached the highest level seen in human history. Looking at the consumption of internet all over the world, it is expected to reach 2 ZetaBytes in 2019, despite the content of 1 ZetaByte consumed in 2016. With the development of competition markets, trends have changed further, sectoral differences emerged as competitors increased, the financial changes brought by the economy and changes in pricing policy started. The only thing that will not change is supply and demand. Therefore, all that needs to be done is to analyze the market correctly and produce the right marketing campaigns. The basis of marketing campaigns; to catch the right client, at the right time, in the right place.

  • Branding & Right Strategy – 99%
  • Graphıc Desıgn – 75%
  • Web Design – 90%
  • Social Media Management – 95%
  • Search Engine Opt. (SEO) – 95%
  • Google Ads – 90%


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