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MARKCAT’S acquires information about the brand’s market value before starting work. It provides the necessary support for the brand to reach the target audience by making analyzes. The biggest key in reaching the target audience of the brand is the accurate analysis of the brand’s market. In this context, MARKCAT’S gives you brand analysis and supports with all creative solutions. The Social Media Planning of the company is arranged according to its target audience and enables it to take place more in the digital market. In addition, MARKCAT’S will also move the company to higher rankings in Google searches, by applying the digital strategies necessary to make the company appear higher in Google rankings. According to the company’s wishes and desires, it is one of the most important services of Markcats, which is simpler, more creative and appealing to the company.

Together with our creative identity and strong staff, we play a role in our customers’ corporate identity structure and reaching the target audience.


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