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According to MARKCAT’S’ analysis with the client, content and graphic designs are arranged or redesigned. In this case, the visual and content deficiencies of the brand are updated and it is aimed to have a more understandable and appealing corporate and simple interface. In this way, followers can reach everything they want more easily and understandably. Another service of MARKCAT’S is Web Design;

Domain and Hosting Selection

MARKCAT’S helps its clients in creating the domain name to represent the brand. Even though short and catchy domains are very valuable, it is very important that the keyword clients want to take place in the search results pass within the domain name. Web sites and blogs that meet this requirement are more advantageous in order to get high rankings if relevant keywords are searched. Therefore, in which words MARKCAT’S aims to be in the top rankings, if at least one of these words is included in the domain name, it will ensure that the brand goes up. 


The number and quality of backlinks remains one of the most important factors in Google rankings. In this regard, MARKCAT’S applies important strategies for companies to get backlinks from popular websites and blogs that produce content in their own categories and issues, and who have high quality visitors. In this way, companies can be higher in the search results.

Website Designing and Theme

Selected theme and design, code – content ratio, in website SEO and site opening speed are among the important criteria that affect the rankings. MARKCAT’s helps companies to rank high in Google rankings for websites and blogs to have a simple, user-friendly and fast theme. Appropriate designs of MARKCAT’S Projects, fast and useful theme preference aims to reach the top levels of the companies. Mobile compatibility is also one of the most important issues in design.


Using copy content causes websites to be at the bottom of the rankings and even to be completely removed from the search results. For this reason, MARKCAT’S produces original content for its clients and takes care to ensure that the visual and other materials on its clients’ websites are also authentic.

Content Length and Quality

Original and high-quality content ranks higher. The researches show that the content of 2000 words and above is higher in terms of quality and using keywords. MARKCAT’S aims to keep visitors on the website for longer periods by using keywords more and more in the content it produces. MARKCAT’S Organize content based on Google Trends, with detailed, high-quality, reader-friendly content with the right keywords.



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